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Experience world-class art for the 2022 St Barths Bucket Regatta


Opens MARCH 23 at Spirit Art Space


Gustavia, St Barts, Release: ‘Waves of Perception’ in St Barts. 23 March 2022


A new exhibition by Claudia Carpentier and Maria Ries opens 23 March at the Spirit Art Gallery, 25 Rue Jeanne d’Arc, Gustavia 97133, St Barts. The exhibition features artworks from Jade Hirtle will be on display until 22 April 2022.

The art show is a group effort by Santiago Rumens Guggenheim, Maria Ries, Vanessa Fuchs and Claudia Carpentier.

‘Waves of Perception’ is a unique experience, brought to the island of St Barths to challenge the sensitivity of the senses and leave inspiring but also grounding thoughts in the viewer’s mind.

The curators have arranged their installation in the cool and cosy space named Spirit located on the waterfront of the port of Gustavia, St Barts and have transferred ideas, sensations and emotions to the walls of the historical Swedish building (1848).

Jade who goes by the moniker “Jadeisms” is a Los Angeles-based artist worth visiting. Her light and space paintings are filled with glowing gradients, natural textures and geometry. When viewing her works you can’t escape the feeling of being energized, yet simultaneously balanced and grounded, similar to the sensations of a morning walk

near the ocean. Showing the ability to empathize, Jade’s work gives form and feeling to something that is invisible to the naked eye: energy. She views these unseen energetic vibrations as a form of non-verbal communication—a universal language.


Jade has carved her own path within the light and space movement that originally emerged from Southern California from famous artists such as Carl Andre and James Turrell in the 1960’s. Jade’s work particularly explores the concept of manifestation–-how thoughts and feelings become reality. “My work aims to alter the viewer's emotions or vibrational patterns to a positive frequency. We are all created from energy, and it is up to us to decide what to do with it,” said Jade. Using neutral colors and natural textures, the work has been inspired by nature as a place to simplify our thoughts much like meditation does.

“We’re all very excited to showcase selected works from Jade for the 2022 St Barths Bucket Regatta and for the first time ever in St.Barthélemy.” said Maria Ries and Claudia Carpentier, (Gallery 211 and SPIRIT)

“I am beyond grateful to be collaborating with Claudia Carpentier and Maria Ries and deeply admire the St. Barth’s culture.” said Jade.

Jade’s mission is to inspire feelings of positivity within ourselves and with others.

The anticipated exhibit will premiere with an opening reception to the public from 5PM at the gallery on 25 Rue Jeanne d'Arc, Gustavia 97133, 97400 SAINT BARTHELEMY. The gallery is open from 11am till 5pm.



It's interesting to talk about the evolution of minimalism and the expansion of the light and space movement, and how numbers and math have played an important role in our daily lives. In the mid and late 60’s, on the east coast, there was a group of six artists which were the pioneers of minimalism. Simultaneously, on the west coast, the light and space movement emerged. The concept is simple, less is more, math is everything and everywhere. Placing metal found objects on the ground in geometrical shapes, like Carl Andre on the east coast, or rectangular light boxes where viewers can enter to be engulfed by the light done by James Turrell on the West Coast. These types of artworks were simple reminders how beautiful the smallest and simples things are. We are so often bombarded by stimuli we forget to take a moment and observe the simple joys and pleasure of life.

Jade is a great example of the continuation of this legacy. With her minimal light works, she captures the viewer and offer a vision of the human experience through energy. She views these unseen energetic vibrations as a form of non-verbal communication, a universal language.

Self-awareness, transition, and connectedness are common themes to Jade’s work. Her vibrant paintings are filled with glowing light, lush colors, and polished lines that alternatively evoke geometry, symmetry, and dynamism. Different combinations of colors and thicknesses represent a narrative; while body parts are clues to their meaning.

Since Jade was a child, sensitivity and over stimuli have been a struggle. Sensing the feelings, life force, thoughts, a pulse of people was normal. Jade’s catharsis is through art and used to tune in to this existing part of her life.

Jade’s mission is to create transformative art that inspires and empowers human connection with ourselves and others.

Jade’s works resemble the flow of life itself. The simple reminder that an end is simply another beginning. Her textures offer a sense of transparency into the inner mechanism of her mind, which allows the painting to maintain a natural and honest glow. Jade's new series explores the concept of manifestation, how thoughts and feelings become our reality. ‘Wave of Perception’ is a journey into the acquisition of a high frequency mindset. Such as unconditional love and compassion for all beings. Her works evoke sensations to the likes of a morning or sunset walk near the ocean, a balanced and grounded energy emitted from each canvas. “My work aims to alter the viewer's emotions, also known as vibrational patterns in a positive way, similar to how meditation works” said Jade. There are certain qualities embedded in art that if used accordingly could elevate our state of consciousness; something desperately needed during these times. For many artists, maintaining a consistent methodology is crucial, there are some however who prefer a journey to the unknown. Jade is able to provide both to her views ``the work is intuitive if it comes from how I am feeling in the present moment, if the work is based on my own observation of events or experiences, they will have been sketched in order to be remembered” said the artist. Growing up with a high sense of intuition can be difficult for many of us, especially if we do it estable a proper channel of self expression. For jade, choosing the right colors means burning the essence of nature itself onto the canvas. She sees neutral colors as the epitome of nature, an environment we seek refuge for peace and quiet. There's a certain quality to these works, it allows one to stop and rest, it is as if the paintings ask nothing of us but to not think and simply be present with them. Jade has the ability to adapt to a new environment. For example her paintings in Brooklyn could result in cooler and perhaps beige tones, as opposed to St Barths where blue, pink, and white would take center stage naturally.jade understands this very well. When she is in nature her works reflect that. The works yields an energetic quality to them



Jade Hirtle is an Austin-based painting and mixed media artist. She is interested in vibrational frequencies and views them as a form of non-verbal communication, as a universal language.

As the only child, Jade was always very sensitive to the rest of the world. She didn’t need to talk to someone to know how they felt. Just by observation, she could just feel everyone around her. It is with this level of sensitivity that she is able to create her line art. The lines in her art reveal the unseen vibrations that occur within ourselves or with other people, places and/or objects. Different combinations of colors and thicknesses represent a narrative while figures, landscapes, and objects are clues to the artwork’s meaning. Jade’s art is a mix between abstract and figurative works and it’s inspired by human connection. Her mediums of choice are oil, acrylic and plaster on canvas.

Jade’s mission is to explore reaching a deeper level of human connection. Her works have the power to move us toward greater consciousness. She believes that the things that we feel but we don’t necessarily know why are extremely important. Like when we walk into a room, we see someone and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation on why we gravitate towards them - this is the language and information Jade is exploring and trying to raise awareness of.

Jade is based in Austin, Texas, and attended the Nova Scotia University of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Canada. She participated in a group show ‘Art Comes Alive 2020’ and was represented by Betty Bui Gallery. She showed her works at Felix Art Fair. She sold out her works at Scope during the 2021 Art Basel Miami. Jade’s works are also featured at Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery.


TMFA Art Magazine Questions & Answers 2021

What inspired your new body of work and why into the light?

I was inspired by the power of the mind—how thoughts and feelings become our reality. “Into the Light” explores what it means to obtain a high frequency mindset. Love is a high frequency emotion as an example.

What would you like your audience to see and feel with this work?

I want the viewer to feel calm, balanced and energized. It’s necessary to incorporate these emotions daily in order to stay sane in today’s modern information overloaded society. My work aims to alter the viewer’s emotions—also known as vibrational patterns—in a positive way, similar to how meditation works.

Do you prepare your sketches or work or is it all intuitive?

Both, depending on the context. The work is intuitive if it comes from how I am feeling in the present moment. If other people are my subjects (which is about half the time), they serve as the base to my work and I can only evolve it, which takes planning. If I am the observer seeing events or experiences, the works will have been sketched in order to remember.

How do you choose a color palette?

My palettes are simple using contrast or neutral colors. I relate to the idea behind contrast colors which is in order for something to make sense it needs to be compared to something else. And I see neutral colors as the epitome of nature, an environment we seek refuge for peace and quiet.

If any, what role do emotions of memory play in your work?

My work stems from being highly sensitive and having the keen ability to sense what people are feeling or thinking. In a way you can feel the same vulnerability in my works too. I’ve experienced premonitions since I was 8 yrs old and was living in suppression because I was scared. It’s crazy to feel something so strongly to find out it happens minutes or days later. Now I understand that it is a gift and my unique way of seeing the world and that art is the conduit.

What role does texture play?

I often play with texture in raw, matte and shiny forms. Different textures are symbolism to the environment I’m portraying, whether it be nature (raw) or a city (shiny) as an example.

What makes the painting successful?

What is success, really? That word means different things to everyone. For me, first and foremost it is when I am told that I’ve moved somebody deeply through a piece of my work. Secondly, it’s exciting when my business reaches milestones with new collectors, colorations and shows. I’ll be at Art Basel’s Felix Art Fair for the first time this year.

Does the work change with the environment since you travel frequently?

Yes, definitely! It’s hard not to be affected by a new environment, each one has their own personality. I tend to counterbalance the work with its environment in order to fulfill my own needs. For example, when I am in nature, I create works that are more energetic and when I’m in the city, I create works that are more peaceful.

Any brand he would love to collaborate with?

I love brands who are change makers and care about their impact on the planet. I’ve collaborated with these kinds of brands in the past, such as Osea.

What do you think about at the end of the day?

Absolutely nothing! I feel like fully clearing the mind is the optimal way of creating. Resetting the brain will lead to new regenerative ideas which are important in evolving the work to bigger and better ways.



The press article about our opening "Waves of Perception" featuring new and rising artist poised to make an impact, Jade Hirtle on MARCH 23 at Spirit Art Space, Gustavia in St Barts. 

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